Does a Narcissist Think they are Superior?

It’s hard to understand how a narcissist thinks and feels, and why they act the way they do. Narcissists don’t interact the same way as others, as most of their actions are influenced by their own desires and personal gain. They can come across as normal at first, but once you develop a closer relationship with them, you begin to see their true colors.


One of the things that are easy to notice about a narcissist is that they project an image of superiority. They act as though they are better than you and everyone else, and they want you to know it. They want you to be beholden to them, to follow their orders, and to let them be in charge of everything.


But while a narcissist might act like they are bigger than they really are, it might just be that all that acting is the result of an internal wound. Narcissists feel as though they need to be in control because they are insecure about themselves. Because of this, they end up putting on a mask and acting superior to you. They try to gain back control in their lives and make themselves feel better by taking it all out on you.


Don’t let them take advantage and walk all over you. Stand up for yourself and put an end to the abuse. It’s hard dealing with a narcissist, but once you can begin to understand them, it can make healing much easier for the both of you.

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