Could it be Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse might be more common than you think. 1 in every 4 women report having been victims of some sort of domestic violence, but although women are more commonly abused by men, men have had their share of abuse as well. 1 in every 7 men deals with the same thing. These numbers might be higher, as only about 70% of all domestic violence cases are actually reported to law enforcement officials. To make matters even worse, most of these reports are violent acts such as hitting and punching. But abuse goes further than just that. Here are 5 different types of domestic abuse to watch out for:


Physical – Physical abuse can be more than just punching and slapping. It also includes shoving, biting, pinching, and even denying them medical care or forcing them to use drugs or alcohol.


Sexual – Any sexual act without the woman’s consent is considered sexual abuse. Forcing unwanted sex is still rape, even if you’re married.


Emotional – constant criticism, name-calling, putting them down to ruin their self esteem, and even trying to ruin their relationship with their children are all considered emotional abuse.


Economic – Trying to control all the finances, not allowing the other any access to money, and preventing them from going to work or school is in fact, a form of abuse, and one that is easily overlooked.


Psychological – They don’t have to take physical action for it to be considered abuse. Intimidation such as threats of physical violence to them, themselves, or the children are all forms of psychological abuse, as well as forced isolation and destruction of property.


If you or someone else you know is experiencing domestic abuse, you can call the Domestic Violence Hotline; 800.621.HOPE (4673), the Rape and Sexual Assault Hotline; 212.227.3000, or the Crime Victims Hotline; 866.689.HELP (4357). If you’re unsure which number you should call, you can just call the TDD phone number for all hotlines; 866.604.5350.

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