Is Facebook Safe Anymore?

While most forms of social media only appeal to specific age groups, Facebook is one that is used by nearly all generations around today. It’s a great platform for keeping in touch with family and friends, staying updated with the news, and sharing anything you wish with the world. But you might want to think twice about what you share on the web.


Facebook has multiple privacy setting options, but it might still be less private than you think. Facebook has had its share of hackings and scandals in the past, sure. Every business hits a couple of bumps and makes a few accidents every now and then. But as we enter the new year and look back on 2018, we can see that Facebook has endured a bunch of issues – more than in previous years. In 2018, it seemed as though there was a new Facebook scandal each week.


All these constant issues arising made a big dent in Mark Zuckerberg’s, the co-founder of Facebook’s, net worth. He started the year out with about $73 billion, rose to a peak of $86 billion, then dropped down to $53 billion by the end of the year. He’s still a billionaire that is richer than ever, but this is still a big drop in numbers.


So what kind of issues has Facebook been facing in particular? When we break it down in chunks, we can see just what happened over the course of the year.


January – Mark Zuckerberg stated that his New Year Resolution was to fix lots of problems with Facebook, but it looks like things just continued to go downhill from there.


February – Facebook got in trouble with both the German and Belgian court for failing to ask for permission before breaking into people’s privacy.


March – The Federal Trade Commission opens an investigation on Facebook’s privacy practices.


April – Facebook admits that 87 million people’s information may have been “improperly shared” with Cambridge Analytica, and Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress for nearly 5 hours.


May – Zuckerberg is once again questioned about Facebook’s privacy policies, this time by E.U. Lawmakers.


June – Facebook admits that a software bug may have revealed the posts of 14 million users.


July – Facebook admits that they’re under investigation by the FBI, SEC, FTC and the Department of Justice over the scandal with Cambridge Analytica, and Facebook’s stock drops drastically.


August – Complaints are filed on Facebook by The Housing and Urban Development department for discriminatory housing ads.


September – Almost 50 million Facebook accounts are taken over by an unknown party due to a security flaw that let them get through.


October – Facebook is fined about $645,000 by the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office for a data breach.


November – magazines, media, senators, and lawmakers from 9 different countries all attack Zuckerberg for all of Facebook’s problems.


December – Unpublished photos are exposed to app developers due to yet another security flaw, and Facebook apologized for the accident.


Knowing that one of the most popular forms of social media has so many flaws that can put your privacy at risk is a scary and stressful thing. But that doesn’t mean you should stop using it. The best thing to do is be careful who you allow in your friend group, and be careful what you post.

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