Unspoken Symptoms of PTSD: Avoidance

In these blogs, we’ve talked in detail about a lot of the symptoms that those with PTSD face in everyday life and situations. Another common symptom is avoidance. This means that the person avoids places, people, and things that might remind them of the traumatic event. They might do this consciously, or they might even do it subconsciously without realizing it.


At the time, practicing avoidance can seem like the best solution, but after a while, it can really begin to interfere with one’s life in a variety of ways.


If the traumatic experience had to do with someone they were close to, then the person might avoid doing any sort of intimate things with others. This can create issues in relationships and even make the victim feel isolated and alone.


Another example is if someone had a traumatic car accident and now avoids getting back on the road. These avoidance maneuvers can cause the person to once again feel isolated and alone because they are afraid to leave the house.


Avoiding your fears and triggers when you have PTSD can seem like a simple solution at first, and might actually be easy to do in the beginning. But eventually, you’ll need to face your fears and overcome the things that are holding you back. Therapy can go a long way in helping you get there, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help. After all, it’s better to ask for help than to continue to suffer.

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